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The Wrights


Learn a little bit about the Wright family as they talk about themselves in third person.

Jeff and Rachel at their wedding, 2010.



Jeff in his 2011 balloon Halloween costume


Jeff was extremely blessed to entertain children for a living with his company Wright Entertainment, LLC.  He graduated with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Davidson College in North Carolina in 2007 where he played football for 4 years.  Upon graduating, Jeff immediately set to work for himself pursuing his love for entertaining.  Along the way he has also spent time teaching Spanish and coaching basketball, two other passions.

Aside from professional endeavors, Jeff has many other passions.  He enjoys reading, playing basketball, playing music, singing, listening to NPR, and abusing Wikipedia in his quest to know everything about everything.

Jeff realizes every day how blessed he is to be married to Rachel.  They have been married since May 29, 2010 and have been together since they were fresh-faced high-schoolers in 2001.

Jeff has also been blessed by the amazing community of believers at Mosaic.  They are the body of Christ, and share His love everyday.


Jeff is the Director of Project Homes 2 and 3 for Fundación Esperanza.  He spends time at the home almost every day developing relationships with the fourteen boys as a mentor and a friend.  He is in charge of daily operations, overseeing personel and the boys.  He also helps with purchasing, school activities, homework, coordinating outings and activities, and other needs.  Jeff helps on Saturdays with the set-up and operation of the Baby Washing ministry.



Rachel obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kent State University in 2010. She was very blessed to get the first job she interviewed for, even though it wasn’t the pediatric position she had always hoped for. She worked at Hillcrest Hospital, part of the Cleveland Clinic, for over a year before leaving for Bolivia. She worked on the orthopedic floor with adult patients and is very thankful for all she was  able to learn and how she grew as a nurse in such a short period of time.

Rachel enjoys baking and to balance out the baking she also enjoys running!  She loves being outside, hiking, biking, rollerblading, and just about anything active.  Rachel also loves kids and has spent a good portion of her life babysitting them.


Rachel worked for 9 months as the full-time, live-in Health Coordinator at the Bolivia Life Center Orphanage.  Now she is a full-time mom, taking care of three children, being an amazing wife, and making sure that the house is a home.


We can’t say a lot about Freddy on a public website, nor will you see any pictures of him here.  Just know that we are extremely blessed to have our son.  We have seen God work miracles.  If you want to know more about Freddy, you better come and visit.



Nathan joined the clan in January 2015.  Another example of the miraculous way that God knits together families.  He’s a little guy with a lot of energy.  We’re excited to see him grow.



Hannah couldn’t wait to meet her brothers and was born two days after Nathan came home.  She’s a happy, healthy baby.